Chuchito Valdes

DATE: September 22TIME: 8 pmDOORS OPEN: 7 pmLOCATION: The Rail Yard (map)

“Chuchito Valdes'” music has been described as “sensitive and introspective.” Taking after his Grammy award winning father Chuchu Valdes, his jazz music is exciting to listen to, and captivating to watch! The Chicago Tribune described his performance as “blustery-music making.”  His upbeat jazz sound mixes Cuban culture with his vast family history of a passion for jazz music. ACANSA is delighted to have this third generation jazz player perform at Little Rock’s newest venue, the Rail Yard, come September. How exciting to have traditional jazz music kick off the newest venue in Little Rock! Chuchito Valdez will bring what the Chicago Tribune describes as “excitement, athleticism” to the Rail Yard as he makes jazz music come to life for his listeners.  Tickets: $25

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