The Glow

DATE: September 22ndTIME: 8pmDOORS OPEN: 7pmLOCATION: Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub (map)

the glownoun / the•glow / t͟hə glōA rare, awe-inspiring moment, executed by an entity, that hugely impacts and changes those who witness and accept it.  Big Piph was formed by the very thing he now needs: The Glow. Through songs, visuals, and stories, join him in his mission to shake up the universe. In this one-man show, crowd participation is a must, but ultimately, your journey may lead you to find something more important. *********** Epiphany “Big Piph” Morrow is a Stanford-educated international emcee and community builder.  This noted TEDx speaker is a solo artist and front man for the 7pc jazz and funk infused, hip-hop ensemble, “Big Piph & Tomorrow Maybe”.  His music, talks, and workshops have taken him abroad to countries such as Morocco, The Gambia, Seychelles, Thailand, Myanmar, and more. After a decade plus in the industry, his unique entertainment is relayed through the lenses of purpose, humor, creativity, race, and a global perspective.  His latest project is a new age narrative, one-man show entitled, “The Glow”, with Corey Harris as music director. Tickets: $20 general admission

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