DATE: September 20TIME: 8 pmDOORS OPEN: 7 pmLOCATION: CHARTS at UA Pulaski Tech (map)

With a song selection from any era and genre, VoicePlay is a perfect performance for the whole family. This acapela group creates its own mashups of current pop songs, Disney songs, and even the legendary rock band Queen. VoicePlay can do it all, even without instruments. The band made their start in high school as three band members. The six member acapela group has come far from their early days as high school students with a love for acapella. They have performed in the theme park circuit in Orlando, and were able to participate in the fourth season of hit T.V. show competition, The Sing-Off. After The Sing-Off, they were invited to the national live tour of  The Sing-Off.  They were the only group of season 4 to be invited to tour with the show. Since this time, VoicePlay has continued to grow their fan base and build upon their talent. Their upbeat and family friendly performance is what the Wittenberg Torch describes as “ a musical melody of vocal perfection.” Join ACANSA this September as we welcome to the stage VoicePlay!  Tickets: $25

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