HEDY! The Life and Inventions of Hedy Lamarr

DATE: April 25thTIME: 7:00 PMLOCATION: Argenta Community Theater (map)

A student performance will be held on April 24th. Contact Dillon Hupp at 501-663-2287 or dhupp@acansa.org for reservations and information.

This award-winning one-woman show explores the life, inventions, and person of Hedy Lamarr, Viennese-born Hollywood film star of the 1930s-50s. Free performances for local students will also be offered.
"Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than the most beautiful woman in the world. She invented frequency hopping and spread spectrum technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes, ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there!" (LEARN MORE) Tickets: $30 PREVIEW: Click here for a short video preview of HEDY! from Heather's alma mater, Virginia Tech.

Hedy Poster

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