FANCIFOOL with Ananda Bena-Weber

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March 10 & 11 at 7pm | CALS Ron Robinson Theater

100 River Market Ave, Little Rock

FANCIFOOL! is a brilliantly constructed and entertaining piece of 21st century theater, complete with dramatic and comic dialogue, singing, dancing, mime, vocal impressions and film. The nimble writing ranges from the hilarious to the poignant. Ananda Bena-Weber embodies a diverse assortment of comic and sympathetic characters, touching your heart while simultaneously revealing the humorous side of 21st century life in New York City. In this fast-paced time of ever evolving technology, how do human-beings preserve those sweet and sentimental things that give life its magic – love, poetry, humor, and the beauty and grace of the natural world? Fancifool opens this conversation in a way that leaves the audience feeling uplifted, energized, and filled with hope for the future.

Praise for Anana Bena-Weber

“A deeply gifted actor-dancer-comedienne.”

– Dany Margolies, editor-in-chief Arts In LA

“Ananda Bena-Weber, an accomplished dancer of note, is just as at home as an actor. Her Ophelia was a tour de force of sweetness and love.”

– Jack Neal, Nevada Events

“Ms. Bena-Weber’s character is lively and intelligent, bristling with ideas and fire.”

– Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly

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