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Saturday, September 18 at 7:00pm | The Joint

301 Main St., North Little Rock

During a year where COVID-19 stopped the world in its tracks, Starr took time to reflect on and experience anew the music that shaped his own. Many of the songs he chose to record he describes as “musical comfort food”.

“Some of the songs I cover were lyrically inspiring,” explains Starr. “Some were songs I’d played in bands over the years. Some just felt good to sing and play. Others brought back fond memories or a kind of familiar melancholy.”

Touchstones was produced by David Starr and Mark Prentice, with co-production by David Kalmusky. All of the songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville by David Kalmusky along with Ethan Barrette and Alberto Sewald.

Praise for David Starr

“A deeply romantic and yearning singer-songwriter, well-schooled in the attractions of classic American songwriting, in particular, the seventies heydays of California’s sun blistered troubadours.”

— Paul Kerr, Blabber’n’Smoke

More about David

Touchstones follows Starr’s acclaimed February 2020 record, Beauty and Ruin. Produced and arranged by John Oates, the collection of songs was inspired by Of What Was, Nothing Is Left, a novel written by Starr’s grandfather in 1972. “It is like watching a movie,” says Oates. “The cinematic aural landscape visually evokes a classic tale of tragedy, love gone wrong, and an exploration of human nature and all its flaws.” Beauty and Ruin and an updated edition of Of What Was, Nothing Is Left are available now at davidstarrmusic.com and across digital platforms.

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