ACANSA announces 20% of festival ticket proceeds to support Harvey relief efforts for Texas artists

Following the recent devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, ACANSA is proud to announce that 20% of ticket proceeds from the upcoming ACANSA Arts Festival will be donated to relief efforts aimed at helping the region’s working artists.

Working artists live painting to painting, performance to performance, all while making immeasurable contributions to the cultural vibrancy of their communities. Additionally, most working artists have no savings or insurance and are often the most vulnerable when it comes to the effects of natural disasters.

ACANSA’s donations will be made directly to those artists who need it most. You can join us in this effort in two different ways. One, you can click the link below to make a direct contribution to help working artists affected by Hurricane Harvey get back on their feet. Two, you can purchase tickets to the upcoming ACANSA Arts Festival (link to tickets) and join us for our celebration of art in Central Arkansas next week. 20% of all ticket proceeds will be donated to help with Harvey relief efforts.

We’re proud to stand with the Mid-America Arts Alliance and our fellow artists in our neighboring state, and we thank you for assisting us in our efforts to make sure that working artists can return to their communities and keep doing the incredibly vital work they do.

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